About Krish Parmar

Krish Parmar is a 11 year old smart boy living in Calgary , Canada. He is in Grade 5.

He is curious character and science and maths fascinates him. He loves Snow boarding and Taekwondo.





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8 Responses to “About Krish Parmar”

  1. krishkeya

    That’s a great start. You are inspiration to many other kids

  2. Chirayu

    Great Work Krish.
    Way to go!!

    • krishparmar

      Thanks Chirayu Uncle

    • Dipak Kataria


      All of you paintin are superb. I will see them when I will come to you house.

      I specially liked paining – you three friends walking on beach. Sea shore has special sounds and that gives lots of peace and happiness in life.

      We will go together when you come to Houston and walk on beach with you and your dad! Also will see how Keya and Vaarin make sand castle ?

      Krish, make some more painting and let me know so that I will see them on your blog.

      With lots of love!

      Dipak Uncle ( Do you know me or forget my face!!!!)

  3. Mickie

    Very Impressive Krish. Keep up to great work.


  4. kamlesh

    I like you. you have 1053 hits

  5. kamlesh

    you are good and fantastic

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